What we bring to the table

Xtraordinary Media is an all-round brand marketing agency in East Africa, solving all-round dilemmas in the industry every day

Refreshingly, we don’t claim to have all the answers, although we do try to ask the right questions. We find questions lead to unexpected strategic and creative outcomes. Along with covering the basics – like what you stand for and where you want to go – we dig deep, unearthing insights that are central to brand-building. We’re meticulous because we don’t believe in guesswork. And, with no dogmatic rules or strong opinions – just open minds – we give free rein to our imaginations. Then anything can happen.

Key Marketing Services

Marketing strategy

Engagement planning

Media evaluation

Audience persona

Reserch and reporting

Tone of voice and social

Design concept

Content generation

Creative direction

Top level messaging

Application testing

Bespoke photography

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