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How the advertising industry can thrive amidst Corona Virus pandemic.

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How the advertising industry can thrive amidst Corona Virus pandemic.

The Corona virus pandemic has forced a rethink on the operation of most, if not all, the world’s industries. This Article will focus on the effects of COVID-19 on media and advertising. According to Pierre-Nicolas est Docteur estimates, the coronavirus crisis had it ended in May, would have led to a 10% drop in advertising revenues over the whole of 2020. And now we can only imagine how much more, the effect will be, given that it is already August and COVID-19 is still in our amidst and we must be strongly positioned and willing to withstand the effects of the pandemic.

Previously, we discussed the effects of COVID-19 and in our next issue, we will take our readers through how advertising and media, can dominate the market, stronger and better.

First and foremost, there is urgency to merge and reconcile traditional and non-traditional media. This entails embarking on content marketing as opposed to physical circulation of materials, goods or products, for businesses. The new shift will, among others include; sharing online videos, posts or photos with the intention to target potential customers. Once this is done, potential customers of the advertised goods or products, should be assisted to make orders, online, prior to delivery of these orders. This will re-stabilize advertising revenues through increase in sales and additionally, constant content marketing creates traffic to one’s website due to the consistency in awareness.

On a lighter note, we would like to make mention of the fact that, this, is being done already, in case someone out there thinks it impossible and unachievable.

Further, due to the pandemic, there has been a shift in consumer behaviour and patterns and this is why there must be an adjustment that effectively responds to such an alteration. Whereas, initially, there was a need to have specific time for advertisement, this has changed and greatly, due to the pandemic.  People are more on their gadgets and this way; one’s target audience is easily met. However, in so doing, businesses must boost virtual and captivating features.

cheers and hard luck in every endeavor to keep at top as you change the world.

By Tusiime Nixion

The writer is a practicing marketer and entrepreneur

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